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Metropol FM - An Overview of Metropol FM

Metropol FM - An Overview of Metropol FM

Objavljeno Dec 30, 2022

One of the first Turkish radio stations to hit German airwaves, Metropol FM goal is to provide its listeners with a 24-hour program. The station reaches eight cities in Germany and has a staff of about 25 people. Its mission is to make its mark in the Turkish community with quality news, information and entertainment.

Metropol FM has a multilingual staff, a sizable market for its products and services, and a healthy budget. While a hefty portion of its budget is spent on the traditional media, it also invests in a few of the newer mediums, such as social networks, mobile devices, and the internet. Of course, the station is not alone in the multimedia department, as competitors like DVB-C and UKW also play a role in keeping audiences engrossed in the day.

Although the octave-tuned music format is not as popular as it once was, Metropol FM still maintains a strong presence in the broadcasting sphere. In addition to its headquarters in Berlin, the station has satellite offices in Frankfurt and Darmstadt, as well as a handful of satellite feeds anchored in the major metropolises. Aside from its programming, the company also boasts a full service agency dedicated to helping businesses in the Turkish-speaking community grow and prosper.

While the best way to learn more about this award-winning radio station is to get in touch with the right people, a bit of research can uncover information on its current and former programming, its audience, and other important facets of its corporate culture.