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This is Hope Beryl-Green, and she said Jeffrey Epstein sexually abused her when she was five years old.

Beryl-Green said she was born into the Illuminati. Her earliest memories of her horrific and traumatic experiences was being underground.

She remembers being blindfolded. She remembers being held in a horse stall. She remembers that “there were tons of other children there, too, in different stalls” with her.

Beryl-Green said she also remembers being chained, being led around in a dog collar and seeing labyrinth pathways. She remembers that she was promised to go upstairs and be out in the open if she worked hard enough. She was programmed not to emotionally fall apart. She remembers being paraded and displayed to other “elites,” like she was a “product” for them to sexually sample and use.

Beryl-Green said she also remembers that Epstein told her that he was god. He told her that if she was good enough she would be his girlfriend. But she had to do other depraved stuff first. For example, she was forced to have sex with dogs.

She was made to feel like there was something wrong with her. She was told that God created her to be used sexually, because she was evil. She remembered Epstein repeatedly raped her.

The mainstream media has been reporting that this late billionaire who reportedly hung himself in his Metropolitan Correctional Center cell in Manhattan last month was receiving back rubs from underage girls on a tropical island, and he was hobnobbing with other wealthy and powerful people.

But there’s a lot more.

Beryl-Green said Epstein knew about MK ULTRA. He was into mind-controlling victims and satanic ritual abuse (SRA). She remembered him being into eugenics, although she didn’t know what that meant at that time. Epstein was into DNA mixing, human cloning and he knew about New World Order plans.

Reacting to hearing about Epstein’s reported suicide Beryl-Green said there are a lot of people who had a lot to lose had he remained alive. He knew powerful people, such as the Clintons, the Royal Family, politicians, actors, actresses, NASA scientists and university researchers.

She distinctly remembers the cruelty of one worldwide known, respected and revered disabled man.

“I have always been terrified of Stephen Hawking,” Beryl-Green said of the wheelchair-bound Cambridge physicist, who had motor neurone disease. Hawking communicated by a sensor on his cheek and communicated with a robotic voice.

“I like always been afraid and it’s because he was in, in, with the programing, in with the torture that was going on,” Beryl-Green said. “He of course, didn’t do these things, but he participated in telling people what to do, how to do it. He’s a very cruel man —evil.”

Hawking died at his home in Cambridge, England, on March 14, 2018. He was 76.

Beryl-Green said Epstein kept a lot babies —in different stages of development— in jars. The horrific sight of these babies was used to terrorize she and the other trafficked kids.

Beryl-Green was afraid that she would cause a baby or child to die “if she didn’t do things right.” There was always this fear to do what Epstein told her to do “to keep those little babies alive.”

Beryl-Green said Epstein conducted experiments on babies and he injected his DNA in them.

She remembers seeing a cryogenic freezer. “He would take babies and put them in that,” described Beryl-Green, who added that she was promised that if she did what he told her to do, “all the babies would be able to come back at some point.”

Beryl-Green reflected that that “was another way to control and terrorize us.”

She remembers being taken to several places.

“In every location underground there was some sort of temple, like a Moloch temple,” described Beryl-Green. "Where they would do sacrifices and burn babies. They were threatened to be burned if they [other victims] didn’t do what they were told.”

Beryl-Green said Epstein was involved in human sacrifice.

Beryl-Green said she has guilt for not coming out sooner. But she was terrified telling the truth because she didn’t want Epstein to hurt the babies.

“There’s a lot of fear around him,” she acknowledged. “He has a lot of connections.”

She theorized that the babies she saw were either bred or were cloned.

Beryl-Green said Epstein repeatedly impregnated her. She didn’t divulge how many times. She never carried her babies to term. “They took them out of me,” Beryl-Green said sadly.

Beryl-Green said a lot of politicians are involved in the Illuminati. She also said the Statue of Liberty, a famous statue overlooking New York Harbor, is an Illuminati symbol, and Illuminati adherents pray to it to summon demonic power.

“All the points on the crown and the points on the torch, and it represents all of the portals,” explained Beryl-Green. “They torture us to pray to the Statue of Liberty and call the demons in so they can cover up what they’re doing.”

Beryl-Green said the Statue of Liberty may represent freedom to the American people, but the American iconic statue represents evil to her and to other SRA victims.

“The torch is really considered —it’s like a phallic symbol,” she revealed. “It’s a representation of pedophilia and how they get their power.”

Beryl-Green said she was very angry and disappointed when she heard that Epstein reportedly committed suicide. And even though she was extremely upset, she’s not surprised.

“At this point I am grateful that he’s not going hurt another human being again,” Beryl-Green said. “And if he isn’t dead I pray that all this blows up.”

Beryl-Green said part of her anger is that she was close to possibly getting justice. A fraction of people have come forward. There are so many people that didn’t get justice with Epstein’s supposed suicide.

“There are thousands and thousands and thousands of victims,” Beryl-Green estimated.

She did contact the authorities and told them her story.

Beryl-Green said she is a Christian. Many things she sees throughout the course of her day —such as colors and various objects— causes her to remember the horrific and traumatic experiences she went through. But her faith in Jesus Christ has helped her.

Beryl-Green urged Christians to pray that this evil will be exposed. “They’re praying to Moloch,” she said. “With our prayers we could take this [human trafficking, human experimentation and SRA] down.”

Beryl-Green stressed for people to believe her. She is saddened “that people turn a blind eye and aren’t willing to see the truth, want to face the truth,” because “the torture of children is still going Statue of Liberty on.” (See source 1).

Listen to Hope Beryl-Green’s entire interview on Dan Duval’s show (source 2), and listen to her testimony on Serenity Journey Ministries (source 3). To view an excellent short documentary on the science of human cloning, please note source 4.

Ronald F Owens Jr

(To see more information about this book and my other three books, go to <RonaldFOwensJr.com>. My fifth book, “Story of Rich Man and Lazarus: Hell and Heaven Described in Their Own Words,” will be available for purchase this month. Thank you.)

1. 'Very graphic’ evidence, including satanic elements, in Ohio child porn case, police say, USA TODAY, August 29, 2019

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4. Human Clones: Living Among Us? Documentary, April 11, 2018 <https://youtu.be/m3xat3SiGg4>

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This is Hope Beryl-Green, and she said Jeffrey Epstein sexually abused her when she was five years old.
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