Basic principles of human life on the Earth
Objavljeno Nov 16, 2018

Slovenian abstract

V članku sta za angleško govoreče bralce objavljena opisa dveh knjig, ki razvijata osnovna načela človekovega življenja na Zemlji za zagotovitev poštenega in trajnostnega odnosa človeštva in predvsem njegovih odločevalcev do narave, okolja in socialno odrinjenih skupin. Vzorčna in  dobro razložena načela v prvi knjigi Kaj po demokraciji?, ki so pogoj, da iz njih dobimo tudi pravila, ki jih ne bo mogoče kršiti, so pravica in možnosti do zdrave hrane za vsakogar, proizvodnja dolgotrajnih in kvalitetnih izdelkov ter pridobivanje energije iz samo čistih in obnovljivih virov. Nadaljevanje teh načel predstavlja druga knjiga Pravica do Sonca z osnovno zahtevo po zdravi atmosferi in vodah, z razlagami mnogih vzrokov in posledic nasprotnega. Slovenska opisa obeh knjig sta objavljena kot ločena članka na mojem blogu platforme Publish Wall.


In continuation two books s are described, which develop basic principles of human life on the Earth for assurance of fair and sustainable relations of humanity and our decision makers toward the nature, environment and socially marginalized groups. The well explained examples of principles in first book What after Democracy?, which are conditions to get the rules without possibilities to violate them, are right and possibilities for healthy food for everyone, production of long-term and quality products and acquiring  energy only from clean and renewable sources. The continuation of these principles represents the second (still not translated) book Right to the Sun, with the basic demand upon the clean atmosphere and waters and with explanations of many reasons and consequences of opposite.


What after Democracy?

Description of the book parts

The book starts the way toward searching fundamental principles of human life on the Earth and his proper symbiosis with the nature. It describes and analyses big human problems, of which consequences carries first of all the entire nature. Big accents lay on searching proper (clean and renewable) energy sources and proper food harvesting, together with new economic mechanisms, which will enable also compensation of damage, done to the nature and poor world.

The book shows the characteristics of a new society system, which will be able to prevent all injustices upon people and nature, which will not depend on politic anymore and which will control all decisions with help of these fundamental principles and from them derived rules. As examples, proper ways of our behaving in the fields of production, energy and food harvesting are described.

The book wants to stir up in people different ways of consideration, which will exceed the captivity into known frames and patterns of consumption, profitability, exploiting and politic. The solutions it offers would have to join people, professionals and philosophers with common sense in the efforts for their improvements and realization, and in explorations for next general principles and detailed rules, as we will find missing them in the way to more fair and cooperating human society.

Part one – PAIN

The book starts with descriptions and pointing of large human problems, as they are seen by other authors. I try to see them connected down to their deep roots. After that a shocking chapters about pollution in the oil production areas and about the possible consequences of searching energy substances have been added and supported by many satellite photos.

These are the reasons to demand different human behaviour and organization of his global communities and societies. The idea of a system, which could lead into solution of mentioned problems, is given before the detailed analyse of concrete fields of human activity. The idea of new system starts at the thought of George Monbiot about "guard that guards the guard". It represents a list of fundamental steps, which will try to lead people through changing of property relations toward the collaboration instead the competition.

It is not really essential that exactly the presented system will be the right. While such attempts have been already unsuccessfully done in the human history, but failed because of corruptible human decisions, the most essential is the kernel of these new relations in the form of technologically realized control, which will not be possible to avoid or violate. This will not be the governance of technology or technocracy, but only the help for equable and fair usage of the rules for all individuals and organizations equal, without corruption and false human decision. It will be the guard, which will guard our guard.


The second part contains the analysis of reasons, which have led into today's situation. This is the fundament if we want to understand the expressed demand upon new societies. The historical and situation discussions are done upon living space, food, sexuality, energy, decisions, human activity, learning process, material goods, terrorism and globalisation of democracy. Because the problems are interconnected, many times the same things are considered from different viewpoints.

The chapters include also the considerations, what tasks the new system should do to prevent today’s unwished situations. For example, in the chapter about food the right of everyone to get healthy food is expressed. The solutions connected with appropriate legislation and taxing for redirection to sources of healthy food are also shown. Very valuable parts of this chapter are analyses about actual added value of food products, the parallelism of the food production with unprofitable systems and far-reaching introduction of the value-reduced tax.


The third part includes consideration, how the control system would prevent violations of the rules. An example of human interventions into environment is selected to present it. The space is divided to the urbanized environment, completely natural space, intended for wild life and to intermediate not urbanized areas, intended for production of healthy food, too. The interventions in particular parts are controlled on several levels, from planning, building and using objects. On every level the prevention of every kind of abuses is essential.

Then the preventive control upon human multiplication is analysed from some sample views of quality food, predomination upon the nature and according to the problems of increasing older population. Lowering population in the light of exchanging sources of our energy is left for the fourth part, because we must still learn many facts about today’s energy exploiting and possibilities of saving it.


This part of the book is devoted exclusively to the energy. How we produce and consume it today and how much do we know that this isn’t correctly. Everything in our lives begins and ends at the energy. Our food and health, our work and entertainment depend on the cheap fossil fuels. But our interest here will be focused to the misleading politic advertising of particular crumbles from the energetic cake. Is it, for example, so difficult to take a pencil and multiply some simple numbers to get only the land surface, needed potentially for the entire human energy from the bio fuel sources, which are so thoughtfully advocated by Kyoto and later agreement supporters?

This part shows and compares, with transforming all human needs upon energy to particular type of energy converters, the influence of energy sources to the nature on the entire Earth. We calculate, how big surfaces we would need for the same amount of energy from the particular sources. We compare the hydro and reflection solar power plants also with observing building costs, but from ecological viewpoint it is far more important that we see the size of affected or destroyed Earth’s surface and possibilities, where these surfaces can lay. At the end we discuss the renewability of all energy sources. The special attention is given to the geothermal energy. We look also to the renewability (of environment) from the consequences, which appear because of production and consumption of particular energy, and make the conclusion, which sources would be sensible to develop and expand on the global level.

The bio fuels we get from genetic modified plants. That means that the fields are totally poisoned. How do you think, the Earth will look like after exchanging all of our energy to bio fuels? One third of the Earth’s land is used already now for industrial agriculture. The human population will live then only in third dimension – in colossal skyscrapers. Don’t believe? Namely, the rest two thirds of Earth’s land will have to be used for growing energetic plants. There will be no mountain, no forest and no desert. You will see no rabbit and no bear. Only people, concrete, cows, soy and oil rape... The energy can be rescuing remedy for the humanity, but also to send all of us into the hell, instead into paradise... But decisions will be ours…


We came to the point, where we must decide about the way of solving our troubles. Also in our associations to the natural healing possibilities we must make a move from the urgent step of rescuing an acute situation of endangered life to a systematic method, which can heal our chronically affected health and return all vital function to a human body.

The fifth part of the book talks about the way, how to heal the chronic obsession of humanity with robbing of natural goods and exploitation of other people and nature. The systematic accession begins with accepting the principles of our life on the Earth, followed by development of rules, regulations and laws, according to which we will have to behave unconditionally. The systematic method is based on the structure of rule system, in which it is possible to compare every rule backwards, if it complies with other rules and with principles. This system demands that the principles are being respected at every step, at building rules and at their execution. The system also assures that the situations, which could cause unacceptable exploiting, are checked in advance. This part of the book compares the given idea with some other existing theories, which exceed today's regulations and explains some examples of basic principles and consequent rule development.

Homeopathy heals with information. The extremely diluted medicals can contain only a few molecules of original substances (or even any trace of them), which many times in their natural forms work as poisons and cause diseases. These few molecules don’t neutralize the cause the diseases. At the beginning of remedy preparation process the natural substance transfers to the remedy carrier (water, sugar) the frequencies of their natural electromagnetic oscillations. The “memory” property of the carrier causes that small parts of its substance keep on oscillating with these frequencies. With dilution and succussion of remedy the oscillations with new, higher (harmonic) frequencies are implanted into the carrier substance, what is known as higher potencies of the remedy. So the carrier itself with vibrating at new frequencies gives to the body information that the illness exists. The body activates its own strengths and begins to fight against the disease.

The human population behaves somehow similarly as the body of individual. In it the tumours spread and emit poisons through the entire body and out of it into the nature. They control the life of our population and don’t allow that the information about their real acting would come in front of eyes of entire population.

The information and possibilities, which the population gets from politic and capital, set the people into unnatural situations and behaving. We simple follow these imposed patterns, which praise our comfort and enjoying. We simply lost our natural frequency of symbiosis with the nature and other parts of our societies. The imposed misleading information are those, which push us into unnatural life style, and the lack of true information pulls us away from responsibility to re-establish and maintain our balance with the nature. We move (oscillate) with imposed rhythm and make big efforts to become one of these cancerous tumours on the planet and enjoy the life on the account of others and of the nature, as the real tumours live on the account of body tissues.

One of the main tasks of this book is to find the right information in the right form about acting of these tumours in the human population and about consequences in societies and in the nature. Tuning these information to the natural feelings of human beings will cause that the humanity will start searching solutions and deciding in benefit of its own survival. Therefore we begin our systematic healing with recognizing and accepting the most simple and natural ways of sharing our lives without feeling pain from others and causing harm to them… With accepted principles of out life on the Earth we will be aware simply, what is right and what is wrong.


Right to the Sun 

Description of principle and book

The Right to the Sun is a principle of human life on the Earth, which as continuation comes out from already developed and explained principles in the book What after Democracy? In this work we have among principle examples explained also the Right to healthy food and argued the future production of energy only from renewable and clean sources. Their analyses showed that these can be only the sources, which are direct consequences of incoming solar light. Alternative energy from burning organic materials demands too large surfaces for harvesting wood and oil plants. Even hydro power plants with big accumulation lakes are too large destroyer of nature that they could be used in much larger extent. From transformation of solar energy into movement of Earth's masses only the wind energy (and maybe submarine streams; clean we must consider also as healthy for other beings) would suffice to the upper two conditions, of course beside direct conversion with solar receivers into electricity and warmth. From the viewpoint of nature-friendly food and energy, enough solar radiation is essential to assure that realization. But at the food also the water is essential, the precipitation and quality and fertile soil. Therefore for successful growing we need the optimal weather, at least the natural and predictable one.

The artificial weather

Today (already two, three decades) a lot of suspicions, hints and direct evidences appear that a considerable part of the weather is result of paid engineering and material (spraying aerosols) and energetic (HAARP) interventions into atmosphere. This endangers the nature and agriculture with poisoned precipitation and with decisions, who will get rain and who hail or flood, and of whom the land will be taken because of bankruptcy. We see that if we allow such activities, any of our attempts to near to the nature again and to preserve it will not be successful.

The local weather patterns change also as part of global climate changes, triggered by humanity with general material and energetic pollution of the nature and atmosphere. Global warming causes faster movement of air and water masses in atmosphere and also stronger natural weather events. Because of larger evaporation and larger absorption the atmosphere holds more and more water, today for approximately 6 %. The thoughtless interventions into atmosphere only worsen this situation. Even the aircraft traffic itself with the engines, which cause more condensation of water from burning fuels, produces more cirrus cloudiness and diminishes radiation of the Earth's surface with solar light. We can state that also the unintentional or years delayed interventions in atmosphere hinder us very much at usage of natural solar light and preservations nature.

The Right to the Sun in literature

The Right to the Sun is as development of principle included into the juvenile novel The gift for Gaja, where it differs a little from the entire principle explanation. Some moments are left out, which are already parts of the story… Anyhow and with any intention the living creatures come on this planet, we have therefore the right to life, since we wouldn't come here. This right is acknowledged to us among the basic human rights. But the right to life urgently includes the right to all conditions, which enable the life, therefore also the right to water. And if we have right to live here as the nature intended to us, we can also nourish in the appropriate way. Even the food as the water is not written among basic human rights, it must be automatically included into the right to life, because the food itself means the life…

Among the secrets of the life we don't understand, in any case a common reason belongs, why all these living creatures strive to live, develop, grow, become larger and stronger, accumulate as much as possible food and at the end of their life offer to other creatures as much as possible food for them. This is somehow our duty to give our bodies as food to others and enable the life forward… With deviation from natural life the man began to create different tools to relieve gaining food and keep and protect his life. The complexity of this process demands from individuals doing very specialized tasks, which seemingly don't have anything common with gaining food. But the man had dismantled this natural living force with the same intention of life in the number of small forces and constraints, which direct all our duties in the same final duty to live.

If we follow forward this flow of simpler explanation; for realization of the right to healthy food and solar energy it is urgent to prevent the pollution of waters with agriculture and using other energy sources. We must repeat some facts, which have been researched in the first book. The polluted waters cause destruction of the nature and increase influx of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. The natural greenhouse effect existed always and it assures the appropriate temperature of the Earth's surface for preserving the organic life. The gases, today assigned as main culprits of increasing greenhouse, have always entered into atmosphere and have been used from it as consequence of decay and rebirth of the life. For example, the quantity of CO2 in atmosphere was always a little more than 2.000 Gton, with annual exchange of 1/3 of this quantity. With burning fossil fuels we have increased it to 3.000 Gton. The methane grew from natural 2 Gton to today's 5 Gton.  This caused almost unnoticed simultaneous increasing of average surface temperatures and other responds of nature to increasing temperature. The most dangerous is melting of polar ice. Especially on Arctic because it enables penetration of the light to the floor of the shallow coastal seas, melting of submarine permafrost and releasing of unpredictable quantities of methane… The second answer of decaying nature is big reduction of oxygen production, which will have in atmosphere delayed and catastrophic effects… So, the spraying influences to the atmosphere seem not so dangerous and can be stopped in the easiest way.

The researching forward brought the conclusion that the man is not the only being, who has the right to solar light. When we deepen for other reasons into structure and functioning of our genetic record, fist a doubt appears that this complex and mathematically and linguistically correct structure could be built with accidental chemical reactions of simple molecules and atoms so early in the Earth's history… These doubts deepen with acquaintance of wave genetics, new science which found out that also much longer parts of DNA between particular genes represent useful information, probably about usage and function of particular proteins in different tissues and beings… And doubts disappear with connection this with reports of psychotherapists about regressions in memories of the previous incarnated lives of our souls and to the time between incarnations. In soul's advancing and learning belongs also some kind of spiritual "professional orientation", and some of them are the creators of biological life… The source of organic life and the human himself becomes undoubted and not secret any more… Although we still don't know the reasons, it is obvious that material world exists for some intention. As intelligent beings we must therefore make our best that we preserve this nature for fulfilment of this intention. Therefore also our souls returning again and again back into this nature have the right to this Sun light.

The right to life and health is admitted to us with our own laws. Again, according to this same right of other (people) we have duties to preserve this right and don't act against it.  We have realized that the animals' bodies are carriers of simpler souls. Neither the Creation, nor the religious organizations don't deny to the animals this same right to life, as to the people not. If we alone give the right to life and health to the nature – are the animals, which we grow for food, not part of this nature? The third part of the lecture talks about the rights of animals, we are using for fun, work, hunt, food and experiments… It is impossible to describe here all horror and torture of animals, before they kill them for our food. With this we describe and show some parts of two films. The man in his own horror of doing this invents incredible killing methods and machines, only that he can directly withdraw from this happening and tries to clean his consciousness. With this the treatment with animals becomes still much more inhuman… The second group, which must bear the human torture still longer time, are the animals for medicine and other experiments. Again only hidden records and testimonies from first hand can persuade the sceptics…

According to the physiological characteristics, the biology doesn't classify us far from the most developed animals. We all are vertebrates and mammals, too… To quarrel about, how the animals sense the certain irritating and what emotions they feel or not in certain situations, doesn't have any sense. Do we, people know that for us? As at the other people, we can only from behaviour observe the animal conditions and feelings. It would be a totally pretending ignorance still insisting at claims that the animals are not feeling creatures and that we can manipulate with them as with pieces of stone or iron. The biology discovered already long ago that animals (and all species) in the nature and in the complexity of the entire life perform specific function, which shall be consequences of the evolution. And already because of this evolution we should understand that no species hadn't originate that such mass of people would eat it and exploit it for own comfort.

Despite opposition of the Darwin's evolution as the beginning of the life, anyway many proves exist that the species have then adapt to the different circumstances on the planet. And these circumstances as well included the light and warmth, coming from the Sun. This is the only energy, which maintains the condition for life, enables the slow changes of these conditions and simultaneous adapting of species. With consideration of independent spiritual beings – our and animal souls, which give to the life on the Earth and on other planets in other star systems new and more understandable sense as the Darwinism, the right to use these naturally exchanging conditions for life, including solar light, transfers to them too, if not even first of all…

The wider explanation

This explanation of the Right to the Sun from the separate book includes also more accurate descriptions of films showing the pollution of nature, seas and atmosphere. Further is an important part more accurate knowledge about genetics, as base for understanding the problems with genetically modified food and the big possibility (certainity) that the life didn't develop according to the Darwinism… For deepening considerations about spirituality and source of the (human) life, we describe accurately books of two important psychotherapists, Michael Newton and Eric Sigdell.

The explanation includes all information about genetically modified food, which are part of independent lecture. This way we understand the connected operations of modern agriculture and geoengineering at creation artificial weather events for destruction of traditional farmers and acquiring their land… The accurate data about containment poisons in meat of animals, fed with industrial fodder, and about the way of definition of allowable quantities of pesticides in harvests of human food and animal fodder should open our eyes, what we get on our plates ...       

To get all important arguments in one place, this explanation repeats also some considerations and discoveries from the book What after Democracy, connected with healthy food and influences of acquiring energy from particular sources to the life. This way we can compare the size of destroyed nature, if we decide without fossil fuels, with one energy source to acquire much more energy as today. The necessary surfaces of fields for production bio fuels or wood plantations we set in front of fields for healthy nutrition, which would probably additionally increase, because the industrial fields will have to go through long-year process of regeneration and revitalization of soil.

Further, one part of explanation is devoted to the self-supply, growing own food and seeds, using own materials, energy and human sources, knowledge and cooperation, building objects, necessary exchange (trade). Important are expansions of self-supplying communities in larger local and regional units, which will act according to the same principles. But all of them need for the care for themselves also the natural weather and sufficient inflow of solar energy…

To distinguish between consequences of spraying atmosphere and effects of the sole aircraft engines, this explanation includes also the description of their functioning, with calculations, in what situations they can cause persistent and extensive condensation. We give the instructions for observing, documentation and evaluation, what probably a situation on the sky means…

Again the Arctic methane

When describing the escaping methane from Arctic regions, so many facts hasn't been known, as we found later with special research (2016/2017) and which are described in separate literature.  So the current lecture presentation doesn't include all discovered details, the last part of research and writing of simulation program, which again reveals some "secrets" of this happening. Therefore this researching is very dynamic and has already given enough material for one thinner book or pretty extensive article…

But the entire content of this problematic absolutely belongs into the explanation of the Right to the Sun. Methane exhausts and escaping already influence to the global climate change and therefore more and more to the local weather happening, too. Despite the right we advocate here, we don't have any direct influence to reduction of this happening. Larger quantity of methane will increase temperature of environment and cloudiness in atmosphere and with this "oppose" to this our right. Therefore the only way and our duty is that we try to alleviate this phenomenon. Simultaneously with explaining the right to the solar light we have to expose very determined this danger and demand diminishing and suppress the reasons, which drive to the general global warming and consequently to the melting ice and escaping methane. This means to stop using fossil fuels as soon as possible and transition to the clean and renewable energy sources – and this without any profitable interests and under control of a neutral international organization (we don’t have a such one now). We can start acting indirectly against escaping methane on any level and in any environment, society or extent. Whatever we do in this direction today, is too little. Without inclusion of the entire international community it will be always in any case too little.

But also with complete exchange of energy sources as soon as possible we will not remove this danger. We can hope that the warming will slowly stop on some still bearable level. Too slow acting as planned today in all international environmental agreements is in this case the same, as we would not act at all. And the hope will die already in advance…

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