What is it in our relationship with Money within ourselves, and the World-System as a whole – that we would not consider changing/transforming our relationship with Money, and the World-System itself into and as a System that ensure an equal and one life for all? What is the relationship between our Experience with Money and Fear that we would not consider a solution to the lives of all of humanity, especially those really physically suffering within poverty, starvation, famine etc.? Why/how have we come to accept and allow institutions/charities that only receive the ‘scraps’ / ‘little bits’ of change/money and resources to those in physical suffering living with little to no money – instead of considering an equal and one solution for all, within changing/transforming the World-System as a whole? What is it within ourselves in our relationship/experience with Money, and our relationship/experience to/towards Humanity that requires change/transformation to really see/realise/unders