What is the difference between submitting/victimizing self to a situation/problem within giving-in to ‘acceptance and allowance’, instead of making a practical decision and walking a physical solution to a situation/problem in and as equality and oneness? Why/how have we come to so easily/readily give-in/submit to circumstances/situations/problems within the construct of ‘acceptance and allowance’ – instead of motivating ourselves to stand-up and live a practical solution, in expanding, growing and developing ourselves as individuals? How does submitting/giving-into ‘acceptance and allowance’ manifest us into a relationship of enslavement, powerlessness and hopelessness – diminishing our capacity and ability to live as solutions, to see solutions, to realise solutions to ourselves and so also the rest of the world? How does standing-up within a directive, equal and one decision – assist and support self with the ability to live as solutions, see solutions and realise solutions to ou